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A Unique Way to Overcome Stress By Toucheys team

Many people strive towards self-improvement and self-actualization and I am not an exception. I spent countless hours searching for the answers:  How to deal with Stress and Anxiety? How to overcome stress? How to think positively? How to feel more … Continue reading

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Overcoming Pain with Affirmations By David Schechter, M.D.

I’m a physician. Family Medicine. Sports Medicine. Integrative Pain Management. I see a lot of patients with pain. For acute pain, the recent injury, for example, treatments include ice, topical creams, oral medications, physical therapy, and injections. Persistent Pain (Chronic) … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Handling & Overcoming Work Stress

Work stress is normal, at times even beneficial, part of any work environment. Just think of how deadlines inspire action under pressure, or goals motivate team members towards their figurative finish lines. However, sometimes that work stress accumulates and becomes … Continue reading

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How To Increase Student Motivation Via Positive Mindset

As a student, you have to deal with multiple things at the same time, including keeping up with the preparation for exams, extra-curricular activities, competitions, and many such other performance pressures. And when the results are not as good as … Continue reading

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How stop smoking affirmations can help you quit smoking with ease?

Did you know you have the power to stop smoking just with your mindset and the understanding of who you really are? Not many people know that 70% of all smokers want to quit smoking. In that group, 85% of … Continue reading

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Deep Relaxation Benefits

Our world is getting more complex day by day, and with so many factors around us that make us stressful and anxious all the time; deep relaxation is the best cure. Your body needs deep relaxation to let go of … Continue reading

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How To Overcome Public Speaking With Affirmations And Positive Mindset

Did you know that the fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of death in the United States? If you want to overcome public speaking all your life, you are not alone. But as a matter of fact, … Continue reading

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Bipolar Disorder Affirmations To Ease The Pain By Dr. Kristina Hallett

Do you know what Mariah Carey, Carrie Fisher, Mel Gibson, Demi Lovato, Russell Brand,Brian Wilson, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Ernest Hemingway, Ted Turner, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Vivian Leigh, Frank Sinatra, Sinead O’Connor, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jane Pauley,Patty Duke, Winston Churchill, and … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Yourself as a Rebellion By Ebony Tutora

In a world that teaches us to compete, compare, while molding us into people who are often living up to who we “think” we should be… it is also creating the danger of not knowing WHO we are, WHY we … Continue reading

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How to Reduce Stress Without Slowing Down By Elle Ingalls

Have you ever taken a vacation, then arrived home to say, “I need a vacation from my vacation?” Or maybe you’ve taken some time for self-care, only to find yourself back in the proverbial hamster wheel? What if you could … Continue reading

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